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Conspiracy Band from Paul Hoy on Vimeo.


The Conspiracy Band welcomes you!

In the 10 years of its exciting career, The Conspiracy Band has exploded from a local favorite to the best party band in its region. This talented, energetic, professional group performs throughout Ohio and has been booked in such cities as New York, Miami, Pittsburgh, and Louisville. And what do they perform? Sinatra to Earth, Wind and Fire...Aretha to Bonnie Raitt... Stevie Wonder to Sly and the Family Stone...

The Conspiracy Band elevates any event to a memorable occasion. Not only does the musicianship soar, but the group's manager is noted for his attention to detail. Learning new songs and planning the evening are part of the service.

Who says all this? Check out the testimonials on this website. They come from folks who have enjoyed the magic of a Conspiracy performance. Don't stop at the testimonials. Continue on to see the play list and hear selected live songs.


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