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Do you feel like danciní?

Do you want to be entertained?

Do you love current pop and hip-hop music but still have a soft spot for the classics?

Lt. Danís New Legs has traveled around the world to places including: Japan, Guam, Kwajalein, Roi, Micronesian Islands, Okinawa, Pacific Asia and many major U.S. cities such as Chicago IL, Detroit MI, Evansville IN, Cleveland OH, Newport KY, Carbondale IL, Charleston WV and Honolulu HI..
LDNL has traveled/toured/performed with numerous national acts including: Ludacris, Run DMC, Bow Wow, Good Charlotte, Mat Kearney, Plain White Tís, Naughty by Nature and Bizzy Bone/Bone Thugs Ní Harmony to name a few.

LDNL has performed for stars such as Jessica and Ashley Simpson, Jim Furyk, Brady Quinn, AJ Hawk, Bobby Carpenter and Tony Romo.

LDNL has performed for members of many professional athletic teams as well as being selected the pre-game house band for the highly publicized Ohio State Buckeyes Football Team.
LDNL has appeared multiple times on Fox Network Television performing live for an audience of over one million viewers.

LDNL has performed numerous shows live at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.
Lt. Dan's New Legs has appeared on, or performed with many live radio stations across the world such as: Artist First Radio, Clear Channel networks, Sirius Satellite Radio, and the U.S. Armed Forces Airwaves.

LDNL has performed for the U.S. troops across the world for the AFE/USO tours.
LDNL is heavily influenced by various genres of music. The members' degrees range from jazz studies to business management. Each of them takes a strong interest in blues, funk, jazz, r&b and hip-hop. This is what makes LDNL a flavorful group and what contributes to their brilliant songwriting. While their creativity soars, LDNL possesses a live show that has gained Midwest recognition. They play many of the crowd's favorite cover songs from old school classics to new school rhymes. 

Some of the new artists they cover include:







LDNL also performs plenty of the classics by artists such as:








The musicians of LDNL are not just great performers--they're well-educated, too. Their degrees range from jazz studies to business management, and each of them have a strong interest in blues, funk, R&B and hip-hop. This is what makes LDNL a well-rounded, flavorful group and contributes to their brilliant songwriting. LDNL has a live show that has gained great mid-west recognition. They play favorite cover songs from old school classics to new school rhymes, while throwing in some of their own exciting originals--a combination guaranteed to keep the audience dancing and singing along all night.


"LDNL were exactly what we were looking for as our reception entertainment... Our guests were so complimentary of their talent and really loved the band... even though the father/daughter song (by Celine Dion) was not part of their usual genre, they still did an excellent job!  We canít say enough about LDNL professionalism and talent.  Weíd hire them again in minute!"

- Cathy Bornard, bride