The following is a list of artists on our roster who frequently play for wedding ceremonies.  With their extensive experience, all of these musicians have a genuine understanding of the important role music will play in your wedding.


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Ensemble Prices for

Wedding Ceremonies


Duos start at $400

Trios start at $550

Quartets start at $700

Harpists start at $345
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Cardinal String Quartet

String quartets are considered the most traditional choice for wedding ceremony music, and the Cardinal Strings fit the bill perfectly.  The group is made up of classically trained musicians each with years of experience playing for weddings.  The ensemble is available in multiple combinations.


Audio Samples:

Quartet || Trio || Duo


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Prestige Trio

Consisting of flute, violin, and cello, the Prestige Trio is one of Class Acts' signature ensembles.  This beautiful combination of instruments is ideally suited to almost any situation requiring classical music.  The ensemble can also be varied with the addition of piano or trumpet.


Audio Samples:

Trio || Trio plus Trumpet || Piano Trio


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Arkadiy Gips, violinist

A well known violinist throughout Eastern Europe, Gips immigrated to the US in 1994. He now regularly performs a wide range of classical, sacred, and popular music as a soloist.


Solo Violin Demo





For a regal presentation, brass canít be beat. Ranging in size from duos to quintets, these groups will bring a majestic sound to your event. In addition to an all brass ensemble, single trumpeters can be added to nearly all of our chamber ensembles to lend a special edge to your favorite combination of instruments.


Festival Brass Quartet Demo

Dale Nawrocki and Steven Foster

Imagine this trumpet duo playing a brilliant fanfare as the bridal party enters the room.  Dale and Steven's combined 70+ years of experience ensures that your wedding ceremony will be one to remember.


Trumpet Duo Demo




A beautiful alternative to traditional string ensembles.  Woodwinds are an excellent choice for outdoor spaces or larger venues where sound needs to carry.  Several trio combinations are available.  Each group can include flute, oboe, clarinet and bassoon.  All of these instrumentations blend seamlessly to create a lovely light sound.



Woodwind Trio Demo


Silver & Spruce

This flute and guitar duo offers a variety of music that ranges from Mozart to the Beatles.  Rodolfo Vazquez's experience as former first chair flutist of the Mexico City Orchestra makes this group a most compelling musical choice.



Silver & Spruce Demo


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Trista Hill

Trista is a professional harpist that plays jazz, popular, classical and her own compositions for private and corporate events including weddings, anniversaries, holidays celebrations, and more. She teaches private harp and piano lessons out of her home just north of Columbus, Ohio, and is also a fine artist.



Trista's Demo


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Yan Ni

Born in the People's Republic of China, Yan Ni is a very talented performer on both the harp and piano.  Since moving to Columbus, Yan Ni has performed with the Pro Musica Chamber Orchestra, appeared with various instrumentalists for chamber performances, and has also had numerous solo appearances for weddings, dinners, receptions, and church services.



Yan Ni's Demo


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Other Soloists


Class Acts can supply you with virtually any solo instrumentalist that you desire.  Below are just a few of the talented musicians that we have to offer.  Some of the names are linked to pages that contain more information on the artist.





Doug Hare - Demo


Richard Lopez - Demo

Chaz Mechenbier - Demo


Tim Cummiskey - Demo


Terry Efaw - Demo


About the Musicians


The musicians who perform with the various ensembles represented by Class Acts Entertainment are all professionals with degrees in music from a variety of Music Schools and Universities.  They all perform with a variety of chamber music ensembles and orchestras within Central Ohio.  Most important is that each of them has extensive experience performing wedding ceremonies and receptions.  The basic dress code for the musicians is dark suit for men, and for the ladies either all black or white blouse, black jacket & mid-length black skirt or pants.  More formal dress is also available.


There is a large amount of published music already available for the ensembles, but some special requests require the musicians to make new arrangements for the occasion.  They are all happy to do this when there is time and the music is made available.  Some selections just don’t sound right with Classical Ensembles (especially duos and trios) so you should consult with your agent on the suitability of your requests.  When it isn’t practical for a live performance, you can always consider having that selection played from a CD or Tape.  If necessary one of the musicians could operate the machine for you.


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