arrow_gray.gif (73 bytes) Check Them Out

Auditioning bands with a video or audio tape may seem like the best way to make the right choice, but professional event planners know that the recording only tells you about the musicianship of the group and very little about the entertainment's other important qualities. Of course, the best thing is to see the entertainment live and in person, but that is not always practical. If you can't see them live, the next best way to shop is to look carefully at song lists. If the band plays forty songs (an evening's worth) of the types you like, then look at pictures and references, and most importantly, call some references from similar events. Look for a great variety of music to suit all age groups. Be sure the entertainers have plenty of experience with weddings. Professional wedding musicians will pace the evening with soft and easy music during the cocktail reception and dinner part of the event and then gradually pick up the pace with more energetic music when it's time to dance.

arrow_gray.gif (73 bytes) Use a Good Agent

An agent usually represents or knows of many entertainment options. Agents receive 90% of their business from personal referrals and want to help you make the best choice so you will tell your friends about your good experience. Independent entertainers represent only themselves and will always tell you that they are the best choice. A good agent will make sure you have a complete and airtight contract. Ask your agent if there is someone on call 24 hours a day to deal with emergencies. Surprisingly, an agent does not generally add to the cost of the entertainment. If you deal directly with entertainers they will simply retain the commission they would have paid the agent and not pass on the saving to you.

arrow_gray.gif (73 bytes) Get it on Paper

After you have made a selection, sign a contract with all the details. The contract should specify how many musicians are included, their exact technical requirements, how they will be dressed, what time they will arrive, exactly what hours they will play. Be sure to communicate to the entertainment how many guests will be present so they can bring the correct equipment, a general idea of the musical program you want, any announcements you want made, your first dance, and the name and phone number of your banquet manager at the venue.

arrow_gray.gif (73 bytes) Communicate

About two weeks before your reception go over all the details with both the entertainment and the venue. Talk through every detail. It is at this stage that the entertainer is fully focused on your event and any loose ends can be tied up. At the reception someone should be designated to communicate with the entertainment. This could be a parent, trustworthy friend, wedding coordinator, photographer, or banquet manager. They can relay any schedule updates, timing of announcements, music volume adjustments, requests, etc.

Set your reception to music; you'll be glad you did not miss this opportunity to really entertain your wedding guests.


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