Chris Logsdon

Chris’ performance blends his own unique brand of audience participation tunes along with a wide range of all your acoustic rock favorites.

Who is Chris Logsdon? He is an entertainer. He is more than just a musician or simply a performer…he is an entertainer. He has been blessed with the ability to spin his musical yarns with charisma and wit in such a way that few people can resist getting caught up in a contagious web of merriment. His manner is easy-going and relaxed and his love for people is reflected in his performance. His musical repertoire tends to lean toward acoustic classic rock; however, it is as broad and varied as the people he entertains. “Besides (he says) it’s not really about the music.” As he puts it:

“The music I play is nothing more than the key I use to unlock their inhibitions and turn them on to a good time. I refuse to settle with being background music. I believe that my job as an entertainer is to move my audience to respond to me. That response – be it a smile or a tear, a curse or a cheer – is my reward. At that point I am one with them and they with me. What a way to make a living!”

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