Funk Worthy

With elements of funk, rock, and neo-soul, Funk Worthy is always setting the bar higher, making them a fan favorite among crowds.

Rolling on good vibes and vibrant music, Funk Worthy thrives on invigorating grooves and energetic crowds. Formed on the campus of Capital University in the Spring of 2015, this 6-piece funk band based out of Columbus, Ohio is always setting the bar higher with their exhilarating sounds, intoxicating solos, and undeniable stage presence. With elements of funk, rock, jazz-fusion, and neo-soul, Funk Worthy’s sound is soulful, powerful, and unique, making them a fan favorite among crowds.

The group consists of Chuck Worthy (saxophone), Harrison Belew (guitar), Will Ash (drums), Julian Dittmer (keyboards), Asher Chalkley (bass), and Tyler Blackford (vocals).

Funk Worthy has performed at a number of venues and festivals around Ohio, including Big Room Bar, Brothers Drake Meadery, ComFest, HighBall Halloween, Jilly’s Music Room, Mahall’s, Musica, Notes, Suzie’s Dogs & Drafts, Thirty One West, Urban Artifact, and Woodlands Tavern—where they’ve opened up for nationally recognized acts Ghost-Note twice, The Nth Power, and Aqueous.

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