Hiuchi Taiko

Precise choreography, passionate movement and surging rhythms

In Japan, Taiko is both an instrument with a long history and a young art form. Used for meditation, communication, and celebration since the fourth century A.D. it moved to the stage and became performing art in the 1950’s. It is this dynamic Kumi daiko – group drumming – that draws upon the taiko and its place in the iconography of the Imperial Court, Buddhist ritual, and Shinto derived festivals, and traditional village life. The Taiko or “Great Drum” has for centuries played an accompaniment role in society during Buddhist meditation, Shinto celebration, Bon dance, ikusa (battle), and Kabuki theater. Kumi daiko or group taiko demonstrates the contemporary evolution of this dynamic performing art with a history spanning 1500 years.

Ensembles ranging in size from one drummer to a troupe of 15

Offer interactive drumming workshops

The focal piece is a stunning 60″ taiko drum in a 10′ x 10′ frame.


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Hiuchi Taiko | Class Acts Entertainment

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