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LDNL is a successful and high-profile live pop, pop-dance and top 40 icon of the industry. The Band has toured many parts of the world due to the over whelming popularity and quality show. Songs are merged so there are no breaks in the set. They deliver the most current music to keep the party moving. Songs are merged so there are no breaks in the set so it is almost impossible to stop dancing!

LDNL possesses the features of a DJ, combined with the entertainment of a live band. Every show is performed live, with tasteful instrumentation and two power house lead vocalists, all without the use of backing tracks- a difficult thing to do in hip-hop music today. They update their set list often and add the hottest new songs to make your party the talk of town for weeks after. They bring a sexy, youthful presence to the stage, and interact with the crowd like no other band you’ve seen before. Combine all this with their amazing energy and dance moves and you have a show that is second to none, and definitely the hottest ticket to date!

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