Totally 80s

Totally 80s is an experience, a guilty pleasure, a reminiscence of days gone by, but most of all, Totally 80s is a destination!

Join Totally 80s on a musical JOURNEY going BACK TO THE FUTURE to a decade that was THE CURE for a generation.  All the GIRLS JUST WANT TO HAVE FUN, whether it’s JENNY, BILLIE JEAN, or JESSIE’S GIRL…or even the guys bringing their MOTELY CRUE to the show, everyone is DIRTY DANCING.  Love is IN THE AIR TONIGHT and old habits DIE HARD, until WHAM!…that A-HA moment enters the HEART to SAY ANYTHING to be the last SURVIVOR of the night, while the rest BEAT IT to have SWEET DREAMS.  It’s RISKY BUSINESS for sure, but DON’T STOP BELIEVIN’…COME ON EILEEN…DON’T YOU WANT ME?  LET’S DANCE… ALL NIGHT LONG and PUSH IT – I’m CRAZY FOR YOU!

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