Waves de Ache Trio

Consisting of piano, upright bass, and percussion, the Waves de Ache trio provides a blend of modern jazz harmonies with rhythms rooted in Afro-Cuban Salsa music.

Waves De Ache is a Columbus-based band blending modern jazz harmony with rhythms rooted in Afro-Cuban Salsa music. Ache is a term from Santeria religion (founded in Cuba) that refers to a positive life force energy that is experienced more easily than explained. This idea is mirrored in the music inspired by this tradition; the listener wants to listen and take in the richness of the harmony and melody, but the power of the rhythms make it hard to sit still. Band leaders Max Marsillo and Will Strickler have put together a stripped down trio version of Waves de Ache consisting of piano, upright bass, and percussion to provide a different and more intimate rendition of the music.

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