brings pop-leaning folk rock to the Midwest with joyful relevance

The staid earnestness to their roots is familiar, conjuring up for the listener a meeting of wistful Dylan and The Avett Brothers; of Hank Williams jamming with Ryan Adams. The Columbus-based six-piece hits a sweet spot of true-to-roots and real exploration. Their debut LP, There Is A Light (2018), is honest, honed songwriting and boasts of diverse musical sensibilities. At their core is family. Led by Steve and Sarah Ramey (lead vocalist, guitarist; vocalist), they are joined by long-time friends Ryan and Sue Hall (banjo, vocalist; upright bass), Tiberius Shields (organ, piano), and Paul Meeker (drums).





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"Bridges to the Sun" by Ramey LIVE at Ohio Recording Co.

Ramey - Good Love (Live)

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