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SWAGG has been together for over ten years and have experience playing every type of event. They never fail to deliver a performance with an infectious energy that leaves audiences dancing.

SWAGG plays a little bit of everything. Their performances blend different styles of music together into a unique show. Every stage is special because every
audience is different, and they will tailor their show to match the audience. At a club you can expect to hear every genre from every era of popular music. These include: instant classics, sleeper hits, to whatever new tune is #1 this month. Their song choices vary every gig but they strive to create a show that builds momentum throughout the night.

At weddings SWAGG is great for providing background music as needed: Jazz, Acoustic Rock, Caribbean steel drum music, as well as Classic Soul and Motown.They love to interact with the crowd, and try to make every night special and unique.

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Swagg Sample Set Festival

Swagg Sample Set Wedding

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Swagg Columbus OH "Shut Up And Dance" Cover

Swagg Dress Rehearsal

"Love Yourself" (Encore) - Swagg at Oktoberfest 2016

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