The Spikedrivers


Their sound is what might have happened if Woody Guthrie met NRBQ, describing how Jesse Henry’s unique, original and down-home song writing meets with the electrified ruckus and drive of the backing band.

A raucous, down-and-dirty sound, an intoxicating and gritty sound that pulled people in droves to dance floors across the Midwest. That new sound was the bluesy, upbeat, country-fried rock ‘n’ roll of The Spikdrivers. Front man Jesse Henry’s unique and down-home song writing meets the electrified ruckus and wild precision of the backing band similar to what might have been if Louis Prima had led The Band.

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Spikdrivers Stage Plot

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The Spikedrivers - Copperhead

The Spikedrivers - The Ballad of John Dillenger

The Spikedrivers - Long Way To Go

The Spikedrivers - If My Father Was the Devil

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